Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Finally after multiple rounds of rejected test pressings and months of being stuck in RSD-hell at the plant, the Perspex Flesh LP is made available to the public.

Following a great debut 7" on Video Disease last year, Perspex Flesh from Leeds, UK finally return with this ten track banger. Unhinged and abstract hardcore punk that carries on the legacy of bands such as Rudimentary Peni through to Cold Sweat of creating an all-encompassing feeling of claustrophobia through their music. The LP comes housed in fantastic artwork from frontman Liam Fox. Features members of Broken Arm and The Flex.

100 copies on white vinyl for mailorder only.

Stream / Download available here: http://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com

(Please note, that the LP is pressed and complete, but orders will not begin to ship until next weekend. Thanks!)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Perspex Flesh LP Stream

Since there's been some ongoing manufacturing delays with the Perspex Flesh lp, we have put it on Bandcamp for streaming to tide everyone over. The real thing should finally be here shortly, but check it out here in the meantime:

Thursday, 30 January 2014

New webstore now open.

After experiencing the questionable joys of having the labels webstore of the last 3-4 years hacked last week, I've taken the opportunity to start fresh and put a whole new one up, it should be way more efficient and less of a pain to use!

You can find that at this link:

In other news, the Perspex Flesh lp is looming closer to completion, and copies will be available for the record release show on the 8th Feburary, here's the flyer:
SNOB will also be opening the show.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The debut lp from Perspex Flesh is currently at the pressing plant and will be out for the start of Feburary. Here's the artwork:

And also, check out the title track from the record right here:

PF are also playing the following shows in the next few weeks, so go and see them:

Sat 11 Jan 2014 w/ BRAIN DEAD (one-off reunion) / TORN APART / MOB RULES / DIE + more, at Temple of Boom, Leeds.

Fri 17 Jan 2014 w/ MOB RULES / FOOT HAIR, at Northumberland Arms, Newcastle.

Sat 18 Jan 2014 w/ MOB RULES / BLACK COP , at Nice'N'Sleazy, Glasgow.Fri 7 Feb 2014, w/ GUILTY PARENTS / BAD MANIFEST, at The Lughole, Sheffield.

Sat 8 Feb 2014, PERSPEX FLESH LP Release Show, w/ Disguise, The Lowest Form and more, at Power Lunches, London.

Friday, 29 November 2013

SSR021 : NO - Great Space 12" out now!

Another month, and another new release! This time we bring you the second 12" from London's NO.

"After releasing one of the best hardcore records of 2012, London's No return with their second 12", The Great Space. No has progressed immensely since their first record, honing in on their sonic assault and pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of producing. The songwriting on "The Great Space" is well-crafted, while still sounding incredibly chaotic and vibrant. The vocals gnash and gnarl, while the band cranks out every song as fast and as hard as they can. No gives the illusion that things are on the brink of completely falling apart. But, this is where they truly excel; No can reel the listener back in from the point of destruction and take them where they never thought hardcore could go. Mastered by Daniel Husayn for maximum earslaughter." - Branden Hutchins

There is also a limited amount of copies on white vinyl for mailorder only, but not too many!

Download / Stream here: http://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/great-space-2 (Although, feel free to donate!)

Please note that this record has been released in America by Video Disease records, so you should order directly from there if you're from the USA, as it'll will work out significantly cheaper postage-wise.

No are hosting a record release show in London tomorrow (30th November 2013) at Power Lunches with Die, Family Outing and Street Beef also playing. Information can be found here.

Other News:
We're currently working on a bunch of new records, these include the debut lp from Perspex Flesh, which is currently being re-mastered, and will be sent to the plant as soon as it's ready, expect that before the end of the year, or the very start of 2014. Also the new single from The #1's, and 7"s from Frau, S.H.I.T and Warthog.

Monday, 14 October 2013

SSR020: The Love Triangle - Clever Clever LP is out today!

After a couple of pressing plant hiccup's, the debut lp from The Love Triangle is out now and available to order!

Heretofore, the Love Triangle's recordings have been marked by a particularly raw, aggressive, and even ugly take on classic power pop. Sure, the choruses were huge, but the recordings were ear-splittingly raw and aggressive. However, they've changed things up a bit for their first long-player, opting for a cleaner recording that assures nothing is lost in the translation to wax. The essential elements are still there--Tim's four-on-the-floor drumming, Josh's meandering walking bass lines, and Louis's thrillingly melodic vocals and guitar--but you can actually hear them all rather than just inferring their presence through a wall of feedback and fuzz. The effect is a full-length that recalls the classic songwriting of Nuggets greats like the Electric Prunes and the Seeds as much as it does the more melodic end of the '77 set like Protex, the Lurkers, and the Boys. An LP so good that we don't even need to tell you the band is members of Diat, Good Throb, Die, No, The Smear, CCTV and ex-Shitty Limits to get you to buy it.

Please note that this LP has been released in America by Sorry State Records, if you live there, it makes way more sense for you to go direct!

I also have a very small amount of leftover copies of the record release show version, these all have hand marble painted sleeves that are hand pasted onto old record sleeves. The records are test pressings, and are hand stamped. Only 50 were made, and the vast majority were sold at the show. These are for sale in the webstore too, but probably won't last too long.

TLT have also just recorded a brand new tape, and I have copies of that available too, believe me when I say it has some of their catchiest tracks yet.

You can order the LP from right here, or if you would prefer, you can download it for free from here (feel free to make a donation though!).

Things have been a little slow distro-wise lately, but I have just added some cool records and demos from local bands such as Die, Hunger, Frau and will be working on getting loads of killer stuff back in immediately.

Thanks for the support as always!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Unfortunately, there has been a delay in getting the Love Triangle lp's back from the pressing plant. As soon as they are with me, they'll be going up for sale. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later.